Race Auto Group makes financing a new vehicle an easy and simple experience.

When you finance a vehicle through us, we offer various financing options designed to fit your financial needs.

How it works

1) Unsure what your credit looks like? Then use our free credit check tool! This free tool lets you get important information about your credit without the impact of a regular inquiry. This free process is powered by Equifax Canada Co, and will assist you to evaluate your credit score prior to applying for finance. Click here to go through the easy 3-step process!

2) Want to know if buying a new car will fit with your budget? Use our free payment calculator to get an estimate on your bi-weekly or monthly payments.

3) Apply for financing: We believe that the past is not a valid indicator of the future. Everyone should get approved for a car loan regardless of their credit history! We will guide you through every step of the process to getting the car you want. We offer a wide variety of services to every client and aim to not only meet expectations but exceed them. Click here to start the process.

4) Talk to the experts: Upon receiving your information one of our amazing team members will contact you to guide you through the remaining process. We’ll have you signed, the deal sealed, and your vehicle delivered in no time!